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Specialized Services: Tax Payment Processing

One of the advantages to our flexible AP solution is the ability to create and offer specialized services to the market utilizing our standard technology and service bureau. 

This is the case with our tax payment processing service. Since 2006, Anybill has been providing all types of tax payments for some of the largest companies in the U.S. 

The service initially began as a working relationship with public accounting firms who, for regulatory reasons, were prohibited from providing payment or treasury services in combination with their tax compliance services. Now the business has grown in a variety of directions, as all types of tax compliance providers and companies utilize Anybill to provide premium services while mitigating financial risk. 

Our investment in technology, focus on payment services, and dedication to being the best in the market are the reasons that Anybill is the largest tax payment provider in the world. 

    • Standardized file transfer process
    • Upload electronic data and image files
    • Tax partner or client can manage upload
    • Data and images available for immediate review
    • Client may assign an approver or auto-approve payments
    • Uploaded payment data can be revised
    • Payments made directly to tax jurisdiction via EFT or check
    • Paper returns (if applicable) mailed with payment
    • Payment data (e.g. cleared check image) available online

  • Reconciliation is simple using the Anybill treasury process
  • Secure, online history of current and past payments
  • Summary report of all deposit and payment data


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