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Does Your AP Function Have a Solid Foundation?

Is your AP really as strong as it should be? You might think so, but with the accounts payable environment rapidly changing, it's best to check your foundation on a regular basis.

During our webinar with AP Now & Tomorrow, Mary Schaeffer covered how to set up invoice processing to incorporate strong controls, best practices, as well as regulatory compliant practices. She also walked us through an informative checklist of strong foundation practices every organization should use. Be sure to download the checklist to evaluate your own operation.

View the webinar presentation and recording to learn how you can start building a solid foundation today.

Want to build a best practice AP organization?

Join us for Part 3 of our 4-part webinar series with Mary Schaeffer of AP Now & Tomorrow to learn how to incorporate strong controls, best practices, and regulatory compliant practices into your AP process.

Date: Tuesday, August 13
Time: 1:00 pm ET

Mary will walk us through a checklist of strong foundation practices every organization should use.

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Webinar Recap: Advanced Internal Controls


During our webinar on June 11 with AP Now & Tomorrow, Mary Schaeffer covered how to:
  • Pinpoint and fix internal controls that do not provide the protection your firm needs
  • Execute an effective segregation of duties across the AP platform
  • Understand how AP automation can help you achieve your organization's goals
She explained the old best practices that no longer work in AP and provided tips on what you should be doing to protect your firm. Be sure to take a look at the "Do This, Not That" portion of the webinar to learn these best practices.
The slides and webinar recording are available here.

Also, don't miss Part 3 of our webinar series with AP Now & Tomorrow. Register today!

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Best Practice Advice: Handling Change of Bank Account Requests
Most experts recommend that organizations pay as many vendors as possible using electronic payments, often referred to as ACH payments. And finally, the corporate world in the US is following. Of course, most companies in other parts of the world have been paying their vendors this way for a long time. But that's another story. With this change come a few new issues. One of those is a variant on an old fraud. In the check world, from time to time, companies had to deal with fraudulent requests for changes in the remit-to address. The electronic version, with its own unique twists, is fraudulent requests for changes to bank accounts used for payments. Let's take a look at the issue as well as best, almost best and worst practices for addressing it.

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