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Why Anybill

Why Anybill

Modernizing Accounts Payable in the Workplace

Now is the right time for your company or organization.

No longer is the "AP project" perceived as redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. It is now a necessity of modernization in the workplace. In a fast-paced economy where technology is front and center, eliminating manual processes is essential to improving efficiency, reducing costs, and staying ahead of the game.

Thanks to technology evolution, the advent of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile applications, and an accelerated increase in the adoption of technology by the general public, there is no longer a "fear of change" in your office - rather, new ideas are embraced.

Accounts payable (AP) automation is one of those ideas that is gaining more momentum in the market.

So why select Anybill?

We have been in the AP automation business since 2001, and our flexible, simple to use solution is currently used by 1,700+ clients, ranging from small-medium organizations to large enterprise companies. It is the flexibility of our solution that has drawn them to Anybill.

Whether a client wants us to manage their accounts payable company-wide or specialized payments for one of their departments, we are the right solution. 

Clients can provide us with invoice and payment data in a variety of ways, the Anybill system can be an active or transparent part of the AP process, and there are multiple data integration methods to keep us synched with legacy accounting software. 

The investment. 

This is the best part. It is minimal. There are no software licenses to purchase, per user fees, or maintenance charges. Clients pay for how they use the Anybill solution on a transactional basis (a fee for each invoice managed and payment made) so the pricing model is easy. 

Ready to Learn More?

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